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New products

  • Stress Ball
    Stress Ball

    Get a stress toy for your employees, customers, visitors or as...

  • Wooden Puzzles
    Wooden Puzzles

    Wooden puzzles are a wonderful magic toy for kids. Our wooden...

  • Wooden Toy Bricks
    Wooden Toy Bricks

    Wooden toy bricks are a useful gadget to help improving children’s...

  • Wooden Magic Box
    Wooden Magic Box

    Wooden magic box is a wonderful present for kids. This wooden magic box...

  • Wooden Toys
    Wooden Toys

    We make all kinds of wooden toys for kids. This kind of wooden toys...

  • Wooden Maracas
    Wooden Maracas

    These high quality Promotional Wooden Maracas Rumba Shaker can be made...

  • Wedding Gift Cube
    Wedding Gift Cube

    Wedding Gift Cube, shows the special and attractive ideas of all your...

  • Promotional Magic Mug
    Promotional Magic Mug

    Made of quality ceramic with special oxidized ink, our magic mug can...

  • Water Lantern
    Water Lantern

    Featuring 8 leaves with tea candle in the center, our chinese water...

  • Colored Pencil Set
    Colored Pencil Set

    This pencil set includes 12 vibrantly-colored pencils in a handy...

  • UV Reflective Rubber Wristband
    UV Reflective Rubber Wristband

    Our UV reflective rubber wristband will change color in the sun. It will...

  • Plastic Vuvuzela
    Plastic Vuvuzela

    Plastic vuvuzela horn, sometimes referred to as 'lepatatas' are air...



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Heat Transfer Printing
The below products are using heat transfer printing craft. Check here for the heat transfer printing cleaning cloths.

Heat Transfer Printing There are 7 products.

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  • Custom Made Cleaning Cloth Wholesaler - Custom made your own logo or texts on the cleaning cloth.  Choose us for your custom cleaning cloth wholesaler with great price.   Item Code: CCHT-120107 Material: 200G Microfiber Size: 15x18cm Minimum Order: 1000 pieces

  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Manufacturer - The microfiber cleaning cloth is a good helper to wipe the dust and this microfiber cleaning cloth will not dirty so easily.   Item Code: CCHT-120106 Material: 200G Microfiber Size: 15x18cm Minimum Order: 1000 pieces

  • Promo Cleaning Cloth Printer - Custom your logo or sale messages on this promo cleaning cloth and choosing us for your promo cleaning cloth supplier with great price and high quality.   Item Code: CCHT-120105 Material: 200G Microfiber Size: 19x24cm Minimum Order: 1000 pieces

  • Branded Cleaning Cloth Hotsaler - Branded cleaning cloth is a perfect promotional gift for your business. Personalized your logo or texts on the branded cleaning cloth and any colors are available.   Item Code: CCHT-120104 Material: 200G Microfiber Size: 15x15cm Minimum Order: 1000 pieces

  • Advertising Cleaning Cloth Producer - Advertising cleaning cloth is made from microfiber and it  has lots of fans. So the advertising cleaning cloth can increases your sales for wholesale.   Item Code: CCHT-120103 Material: 200G Microfiber Size: 15x18cm Minimum Order:1000 pieces

  • Custom Cleaning Cloth Wholesaler - This custom cleaning cloth is a soft wiper. Custom your brand and logo on this mild cleaning cloth and choose us to be your cleaning cloth wholesaler.   Item Code: CCHT-120102 Material: 200G Microfiber Size: 15x18cm Minimum Order: 1000 pieces

  • Promotional Cleaning Cloth Supplier - Promotional microfiber cloth is a natural perfect dust removal. Promotional microfiber cloth can serve as sales rewards and incentive for your customer base.   Item Code: CCHT-120101 Material: 200G Microfiber Size: 15x18cm Minimum Order: 1000 pieces

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items