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  • Stress Ball
    Stress Ball

    Get a stress toy for your employees, customers, visitors or as...

  • Wooden Puzzles
    Wooden Puzzles

    Wooden puzzles are a wonderful magic toy for kids. Our wooden...

  • Wooden Toy Bricks
    Wooden Toy Bricks

    Wooden toy bricks are a useful gadget to help improving children’s...

  • Wooden Magic Box
    Wooden Magic Box

    Wooden magic box is a wonderful present for kids. This wooden magic box...

  • Wooden Toys
    Wooden Toys

    We make all kinds of wooden toys for kids. This kind of wooden toys...

  • Wooden Maracas
    Wooden Maracas

    These high quality Promotional Wooden Maracas Rumba Shaker can be made...

  • Wedding Gift Cube
    Wedding Gift Cube

    Wedding Gift Cube, shows the special and attractive ideas of all your...

  • Promotional Magic Mug
    Promotional Magic Mug

    Made of quality ceramic with special oxidized ink, our magic mug can...

  • Water Lantern
    Water Lantern

    Featuring 8 leaves with tea candle in the center, our chinese water...

  • Colored Pencil Set
    Colored Pencil Set

    This pencil set includes 12 vibrantly-colored pencils in a handy...

  • UV Reflective Rubber Wristband
    UV Reflective Rubber Wristband

    Our UV reflective rubber wristband will change color in the sun. It will...

  • Plastic Vuvuzela
    Plastic Vuvuzela

    Plastic vuvuzela horn, sometimes referred to as 'lepatatas' are air...



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Promo Cube

We Offer you customized Promotional Magic Cube at the most resonalbe price. Imprinted your corporate logos or messages on Promotional Magic Cube as your promotional gifts or corporate giveaways. this is sauire promotional cube that you can put four picutre or 16 small pictures on each smalle cube.

Promo Cube There are 19 products.

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  • Toy Folding Cube, with a different stock color on each side and your logo imprinted on the white side is a terrific way to promote themes   Item Code: MCSQ-120412 Material: Paper & Plastic Minimum Order: 100 pieces

  • Triangle magic Cube is a terrific way to promote themes like solutions, puzzles, integration, innovation, engineering excellence, thinking, logic, challenges and much more.    Item Code: MCTR-120406 Material: Paper & Plastic Minimum Order: 200 pieces

  • Promotional promo cube Detail of Promotiaonl promo cube Item no.:729-5.7 size:5.7*5.7*5.7CM Material :ABS Packing ;individual opp bag packing Carton size:a) 32*28*32CM   b)62*31*25CM  Quantity:    100PCS             200PCS quantity:   500       1000        2000      5000 pcs Price :   2.73aud    2.43aud     1.9aud  1.69aud  P time:    12          14...

  • •We are the factory of the advertising triangle foldable cube, we manufacture the   triangle cube for years. This popular advertising triangle cube is made of 8pcs small triangle cubes. 

  • There are 24 pieces of pictures on this advertising magic credit card cube. Since we are the producer of this credit card cube ,we can offer detail layout for you. This advertising magic credit card cube  is good for the bank promotion and all kind of night club and casino promotion. 

  • •We are the promo foldable cylinder cube whole seller . We do the customized foldable cylinder cube. There are 8pcs small cubes made of the cylinder cube. •There are 18pcs pictures that you can put on the cube. This promotional foldable cylinder cube is good for the drink beverage and clinic and round shape product promotion. 

  • •We fabricate the promotional diamond  folding cube. This promotional diamond folding cube is made of   8pcs diamond  small cube ,the size is 5.8cm . This promotional diamond folding cube can fold into diamond shape , and  square cube .

  • We make this customized cuboid folding card cube. This customized cuboid card cube is special size of the credit card cube. They have same folding system with different size of the pictures. As customized promotion cube maker, we make effort to make different special promo folding cube to meet the demand of our customer. This customized cuboid folding...

  • We produce this advertising diversified rectangle cube. As  promotional cube producer, we continually invent new folding system of the cube .this advertising diversified rectangle cube is made of 8pcs of  small cube.

  • This customized diversified square magic folding  cube  is same as the non toxic plastic with paper and paper foil.

  • Detail of lastest promotional magic cube.  

  • Triangle Folding Cube, we are the most professional expert of producing triangle cube.   Item Code: MCTR-120404 Material: Paper & Plastic Minimum Order: 200 pieces

Showing 1 - 12 of 19 items