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  • Stress Ball
    Stress Ball

    Get a stress toy for your employees, customers, visitors or as...

  • Wooden Puzzles
    Wooden Puzzles

    Wooden puzzles are a wonderful magic toy for kids. Our wooden...

  • Wooden Toy Bricks
    Wooden Toy Bricks

    Wooden toy bricks are a useful gadget to help improving children’s...

  • Wooden Magic Box
    Wooden Magic Box

    Wooden magic box is a wonderful present for kids. This wooden magic box...

  • Wooden Toys
    Wooden Toys

    We make all kinds of wooden toys for kids. This kind of wooden toys...

  • Wooden Maracas
    Wooden Maracas

    These high quality Promotional Wooden Maracas Rumba Shaker can be made...

  • Wedding Gift Cube
    Wedding Gift Cube

    Wedding Gift Cube, shows the special and attractive ideas of all your...

  • Promotional Magic Mug
    Promotional Magic Mug

    Made of quality ceramic with special oxidized ink, our magic mug can...

  • Water Lantern
    Water Lantern

    Featuring 8 leaves with tea candle in the center, our chinese water...

  • Colored Pencil Set
    Colored Pencil Set

    This pencil set includes 12 vibrantly-colored pencils in a handy...

  • UV Reflective Rubber Wristband
    UV Reflective Rubber Wristband

    Our UV reflective rubber wristband will change color in the sun. It will...

  • Plastic Vuvuzela
    Plastic Vuvuzela

    Plastic vuvuzela horn, sometimes referred to as 'lepatatas' are air...



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  • Item specifics Age Range: 8-11 Years,12-15 Years,GrownupsMaterial:      PUDimensions:diameter:6.3cm  

  • Your online factory for branded reflective tags.Make your marketing message stick with branded reflective tags Item Code: GS-RI002Material: Fluorescent FabricSize: 6cmMini QTY:1000pcs

  • We offer LED Light in top quality and stable capability. This kind of LED Light can be used for product presentation. Its excellent performance will produce a better effect for your products. Order out LED Light  right now!

  • This Wooden card holder is a smart gadget. It is made of quality original wood and of practical use. You can place this wooden card holder on your office to make your name card right at hand, and also as decoration. Get our printed wooden card holder  of your own.

  • Wooden Name Card Box  offers you great convenience. This Wooden Name Card Box is flat and of mini size. It can be closed as a small box and opened to show your delicate name card. You can imprinted any logo or company name on the surface of this Wooden Name Card Box.

  • A Promotional Flower Hula Skirt is a traditional part of dress wear on tropical islands all over the world. This is referred to many kinds of dress wear. These Promotional Flower Hula Skirt are popular with Hula girls on Hawaii. Many of these Promotional Flower Hula Skirt  are seen at Hawaiian parties.

  • Hula Party Skirt is perfect for the little island folks that can't reach the top of the tiki bar. It is economy and value priced. All kinds of Hula Party Skirt, from color Hula skirts to muti-color Hula Party Skirt and Hula skirts with colorful flower are available.

  • Hula Skirt is made from plastic material which is durable and ecnomic to wear for times at any parties or show. Its a wonderful dressing for dancinn body.

  • Multi-Colored Hawaiian Bikini Top is a wonderful dress to show passion while dancing in a party or show. Our Hawaiian Bikini Top comes in a set with hula skirt and flower lies as well as flower wristband.

  • Colorful Festival Dancing Flower Lei  is the best-choice complement to the Hula skirt. We have Colorful Festival Dancing Flower Lei  of different flowers in a wide range colors. 

  • Colorful Plastic Flower Wristband  is crafted out of durable PP making it years of use. Its a good  complement to the Hula skirt for festival and party. Color of the Plastic Flower Wristband can be changed according to your preference.

Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items